This is what we enjoy doing most. Most certainly you can rely on us to help you with everything consumer facing from concept development to launch.

This will include:

  • Crafting the Value Proposition
  • Developing the Brand Blueprint
  • Putting together the full product mix (claims, packaging, advertising and communication, shelf display and merchandising strategy, product formulation etc)
  • Media and digital strategies
  • Distribution strategy including who we can partner with, channels of distribution etc
  • Developing the Dashboard of metrics to track success
  • Right portfolio and revenue management strategies to maximize value for the consumer, customer or trade partners and the business
  • P & L optimization
  • There could be more. Net net you can use CherryPeachPlum Growth Partners as your outsourced CMO to help develop the launch package and take it to market

Absolutely yes. Brand building is not about fancy advertising with big budgets. Your brand is built via everything that is consumer or employee facing.

That includes – your packaging, website, sales pitch used by the customer care executives, the delivery truck wall graphics, the store design, the office design, the brand story you tell, how your employees speak, what you as a founder believe in - all of this works together to build a brand.

Reach out to us and we can help you build a strong brand with zero advertising monies.

Yes. CherryPeachPlum has its own network of preferred partners for execution of specialized services. These include not just agencies but also freelancers. We believe big is not necessarily best. The best work comes from those who are hungry, agile, innovative, and flexible.

Yes. Marketing must deliver business growth else you are wasting your money. There are many different routes to business growth.

For example – acquiring new consumers for the existing business, expanding to new businesses, expanding to new geographies, adding new channels of distribution, getting more business from current consumers.

We can help you develop the best strategies for business growth depending on the stage of business, goals or priorities you have.

And no, marketing does not mean big budgets or glossy ads. Marketing is anything that helps sell more. Both in the short term and the long term. Book a call for a free mentoring session of 15 mins now. Link to Calendly app.

B2B Marketing is different from B2C Marketing in many ways:

  • Depth of Relationships: B2B marketing must focus on building deep relationships with its customers that matters more, vs B2C where the relationship is far fickler. For impulse purchases for example, while the brand relationship has some role to play, it is stand-out (in the mind and on the shelf) that matter more!
  • Narrow vs Wide: B2B is about finding your specific niche audience and knowing them and their businesses inside out. While B2C success lies in going as wide as possible. In fact, majority of the revenue for a B2C brand comes from the infrequent buyers.
  • Branding: Very very (that is not a typo!) important for both, but it takes different forms. In the case of B2B, branding done right, helps build trust in a big way. And trust is critical to win business in B2B. In B2C consumers buy the brand, they don’t need to know the team behind the business.
  • Decision Making Process: B2B could take forever, because it is a big decision that could change the fortunes of the company buying the solution. How do you keep the prospective client meaningfully engaged all through the process while fortifying trust? This is the core marketing that matters in B2B. B2C on the other hand relies on a short decision-making process which is why the ‘moment of truth’ matters most.
  • Building Thought Leadership: This is something we believe very passionately for B2B businesses. How small you might be just now is irrelevant. But if you can come across as experts in your field, and build trust via thought leadership, then market leadership will follow too. This means you must provide your client with the right content continually, the right educational collaterals, offer to train their teams so you demonstrate that you are in fact invested in the client’s success!

Oh well! This has become a blog rather than a FAQ answer. And yes, we can help with all the above. We get it. And would love to see you succeed in your venture.

Well it is all this fuzz that will in fact deliver business growth. Because only when you understand why consumers would like to buy from you, can you sell.

Clarity on what your business is about, for yourself and your employees is critical in times of crisis more than ever. This could also open new streams of revenue and new expansion opportunities for you.

Yes, we do. In fact, we believe strategy is only as good as execution. We work from your office (as much as possible) and with your team. We do not just give you customized solutions but also help execute solutions with the help of your team, within your business reality, and within your resource constraints.

Try our ‘Rapid Solve’ Workshops. We start with some pre-work. By the end of the workshop we will have 1-2 tangible directions the business could take for solving the defined problem. This way your outlay is limited, and you have solutions to what matters most for the business in less than a day!

No. It is in tough times that you must keep in touch with your consumer more than ever. But do it with empathy, offering her the right solutions that are designed for the times. And no this does not have to be expensive. Lastly, we have worked with entrepreneurs to uncover new revenue streams, new channels of distribution and even reinvented the business model for anti- fragility.

Call us for a free 15-minute mentoring chat, and who knows you might uncover some solutions from just that!

Yes. In two ways:

One, when we work with you, it is to deliver results. Not just provide advisory services. That is how we are different from the consultancies. We call ourselves growth partners because we deliver growth by working with your team, in your business reality and within your resource constraints. In this way your team learns from the best through real hands-on experience by working with the best. We also bring in best practices from the best of the marketing companies globally – like Unilever, Reckitt and PepsiCo.

Two, we are happy to take learning workshops on relevant subjects as would best help your team or business. We’ve done several of these before. These are real ‘doing’ workshops designed to ‘Rapid Solve’ real problems your business might be facing. So not only do they learn by doing, have access to our proprietary frameworks and creative techniques, but also walk away with tangible solutions at the end of the day. Isn’t that great?!

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