“What is the consumer need? Who is my consumer? What market should I launch in? What will be the right expansion strategy? How much money will I need to get to my year 1 business goals? What will be the right communication and media strategy? Which channels of distribution should I look at? How can I get the right agencies on board for all the execution?”

This we love most – Bringing new products and services to market. We don’t just plan. We execute. And we tie our fee to results.

You have POC, prototype, MVP.. even a Product Market Fit. But how do take your products or services to market? Why will people buy? How will you scale up? What are the most effective and cost-efficient media to reach your consumers? Do you have the right portfolio? Right pricing? Channel strategies? Revenue Optimization?

What will be the right branding strategy that will serve long term business goals? This will be important if you have different product categories, or you have both a mass and a premium portfolio, or different consumer segments to serve. So should it be a branded house like Colgate, or a house of brands like Unilever, or sub brands like those of Lays and Kelloggs? There are other branding strategies too – each has implications on business in the short term and the long term.

How can we increase sales in existing markets with the right product, SKUs, channel and media strategy?

Craft the right brand proposition, message & media to reach consumers, create ads with or without agencies, new packaging, design, digital strategy, website redesign

Changing business lines, or looking to change perceptions with existing consumers? Entering new markets? You need a new Brand Identity. Or even sharpen what you are today, to build trust and credibility

How can we create demand again? Reinvent the business? Refresh it? Add new revenue streams or simplify?

In corona times adding digital fulfillment or serving contactless at different points could be most critical to survival. How can I take my business on digital, or add a viable new revenue stream of business by enabling digitalization?

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