Yes, we’re growing. But what next? How can we build a proposition for the company that will act as a compass for long-term growth?

  • 🍒 Evaluated where we stand vs competition
  • 🍒 Mapped out the current and potential consumer journey map.
  • 🍒 Conducted a series of workshops, walked the market, talked to employees and the extended ecosystem and built a growth hypothesis for the future
  • 🍒 Developed several alternative concepts, evaluated each against business priorities and growth potential, recommended way forward

  • 🍒 Brand proposition and Growth Strategy for the future
  • 🍒 Brand Key – to guide all communication, innovation, consumer engagement programs
  • 🍒 Conducted a series of workshops, walked the market, talked to employees and the extended ecosystem and built a growth hypothesis for the future
  • 🍒 Buy-in from the leadership team across functions, for easier deployment


We do a lot of good work that only we seem to understand. How do we help the world at large see the scale and impact of what we do?

Worked together over several workshops to craft:

  • Mission, Vision and Brand Purpose for the company
  • How are we different from perceived competition and why we stand taller
  • Content Plan for Brand Building on Social Media
  • Corporate Pitch Deck to prospect with clients for partnerships
  • How to pitch to Speakers

Best in Supriya's words...

Vani helped us develop brand and business strategies for key milestones such as our five-year anniversary, our first institutional round of fundraise and the launch of our first book! While her stellar reputation as an industry leader precedes her, we were pleasantly surprised by her curious, child-like spirit. Vani is never hesitant of getting into the thick of things and lending a helping hand, wherever it is needed. Her deep knowledge about marketing and communication techniques blended with fresh insights into our target audience have helped us tremendously. In very little time, she has become an important member of the Josh family and I look forward to continuing our amazing, insightful sessions together.


We make high quality premium snacks with ‘good-for-you’ ingredients like kale and quinoa. How can we build a viable and differentiated business by identifying the right consumer, defining what market should we play in, crafting the brand, packaging, media strategy and go to market?

Worked with them as an external co-founder and CMO to put together all the building blocks of a brand and the business. Why are we different

  • What the brand must stand for and all the elements that help define the brand
  • A New Packaging and logo identity.
  • Crafting and defining the right consumer, research with consumers, store managers, internal promoters to gather a rich library of insights.
  • Short and long term Innovation line up for the future with a defined role for each platform in the business.
  • Co-created new product innovations through a process of continuous feedback while optimizing the P&L.
  • Creative Campaign Idea, Communication and Media Strategy.

  • Build conviction with investors that the market is bigger than imagined for conventional snacks – as we crafted a positioning for the brand that allows it to play beyond health snacks without compromising on its product goodness.
  • Raised Series A investment and are now equipped with a comprehensive plan to deploy the funds. (Shortly after COVID ensued, stalling their expansion plans for now)

If we must build a scale food business in India what new food spaces can we explore? Can we have a tentative business plan so we know what’s worth chasing?

We scanned the entire food landscape in India, arrived at viable spaces via secondary research, social media analysis, talking to food bloggers and influencers, industry experts and others. We developed prototypes through an iterative process, solved for manufacturing and capacity, and even developed near and future out packaging options.

We developed not one but seven different platforms of food solutions – we had product porotypes against each, packaging options, shelf and merchandising strategy, go to market plan, commercial roll out plan, and financial numbers drawn up for each! All in just over three months!

These were presented to the Global Leadership Team, and were ready for ‘knowledge deep dive and commercial exploration’ before COVID hit, and priorities re-aligned.

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